Our People

Blue Aqua Ship was founded by Kai Grotterud, Hakon Nytun and Remi Skjegstad. Blue Aqua ship is the parent company of BAM Marine (Blue Aqua Management) and BAS Marine (Blue Aqua Ship).

We currently employ 21 seafarers who bring experience and expertise to the vessels' running and operations.

Kai Grøtterud


Kai Grøtterud is Chairman of Blue Aqua Management AS and Director of Blue Aqua Ships AS, and one of the founders of both companies.

Kai is also co-founder and CEO of Eureka Shipping Ltd, a shipping company owning and operating specialized self-unloading cement vessels. He has over 40 years international experience in industrial shipping.

Håkon Nytun


Håkon Nytun is CEO of Blue Aqua Management AS  and cofounder of Blue Aqua Ships AS.

Håkon has worked for more than 40 years in international shipping and mainly in Operations/Chartering/Logistics.

He joined Eureka Shipping Ltd in 2011 and is responsible for the Commercial and Operation division.

Remi Skjegstad


Remi is responsible for the Technical operation of the vessels in Blue Aqua Management AS and cofounder of both companies.

Remi has worked for more than 40 years in international shipping, onboard and ashore for various large shipping companies, and mainly in Technical operation/services.

Remi is the founder and Manager of Bergen Maritime Consultancy AS (BMC) with services to all shipping related services.

Andrew Crawford

Andrew Crawford

Andrew Crawford is our Operations Coordinator UK, Oban, Scotland. Andrew began his sea career with Clyde Marine as a deck cadet. Since qualifying, he served as 2nd mate with BP and Swire Pacific Offshore also sailing on Cadler’s (Swire Blue Ocean) Wind farm installation vessels. His shore career began with DESS Aquaculture in April 2020 as Operations Coordinator, a role he maintains today with Blue Aqua Management.